Your Eddy Current Inspection Experts

Eddy current surface (crack) testing

We offer eddy current surface testing as a flexible and modern tool to inspect all kind of equipment and systems in different industrial branches; e.g. to detect chloride induced stress corrosion cracking in austenitic piping systems, reactors or columns. These inspections could be performed even at running processes on high temperate surfaces up to 200°C (higher temperatures possible). There is no need to remove coatings, only the isolation has to be dissembled and areas with rough deposits have to be cleaned (e.g. water-ice-blasted).

Turbine- or compressor blades have also been inspected successfully with eddy current.

The inspections of welds at railways cages, cranes or piping-systems are other applications of eddy current inspections that have been carried out by ec-works.

Austenitic wavy compensator systems at power plants and the process industries or the inside and outside inspection of highest pressure piping in ethylene plants are other tasks for the eddy current technology.

Our operators have even tested CFK components such as blades for wind energy converters or car-bodies from the automobile industries.

Our two ET-level III men Ingo Becker and Frank Müller will be your experts to discuss your surface crack tasks. Based on their long time experience they will find sensitive, practical and cost effective eddy current applications to inspect your systems successfully.