Your Eddy Current Inspection Experts

Eddy Current and more

Eddy current is a very effective tool for many NDT inspection tasks. We need only the electrical conductivity of the part to be tested and a lot of inspection can be done.

We have developed our own software for the interpretation and evaluation of eddy current signals.

Our own documentation software includes a feature to create files with the inspection results into different common CAD-software formats. This makes our documentation results readable for our clients without the need to buy and install special software to work with the inspection results.

The focus of our research and development activities is set to the enhancement and adaptation of the eddy current probes. Each probe has to be adapted to the single inspection task. This statement sounds nice and easy, but to do this in practise creates the difference between ec-works and many of our competitors. How long does it take to design and manufacture tailored probes and what will be the costs for these special applications? Our flat management structure and the close embedding of our service operators to the development department are the key factors for our strong eddy current service capabilities. Let us discuss your eddy current inspection task, we will tell you honestly what can be done.