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ec-works Africa

For Africa´s NDT market ec-works and its partner AFC Cleaning form the ideal partner for your inspection tasks. Based on demand of Africa´s NDT market for top-quality eddy current services, ec-works takes that opportunity in cooperation with AFC Cleaning. 

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Quality comes first

From the beginning quality has been our top priority. Our endeavours to achieve top quality in eddy current services start with honest advice about the technologies and their limitations. The quality process continues with a serious inspection cost calculation and careful inspection preparation work in our lab and shops.

Thanks to our experienced and continuously trained operators our main objective of quality commitment is guaranteed by carrying out regular inspections.

For example our international clients in nuclear power plants appreciate our qualified eddy current services over many years; this is proven by the nuclear industry certificate KTA 1401.

Our top priority is documented by our ISO 9001:2015 Certificate.

ec-works has successfully passed safety and environmental quality audits like the SCC-System.